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Kausar Sabirov

Hello! I am glad to welcome you on the site of my inventions. This site is created by me for the purpose obvious to any experimentalist. Technical creativity always needed in publicity, however now in the era of advertising, non-commercial activity stands no chance for public disclosure. 

I would like people to have such opportunity - not only me, but all, who are interested in technical thought and who possibly still did not consider following their inventions to the logical end: patenting and even implementation into production.

At some point I didn’t think about it too. Exactly at that time many of my technical decisions matured and were put for cold storage.

First invention, as it usually happens, was triggered by… discomfort. I remember this moment: I am twenty, severe winter, quite thin clothing… Problem solution – the best way is to distract, isn’t it? Pushing off from the elementary – I move, i.e. I generate power – notionally I imagined the scheme of the first hydro-electric power-plant.
Only years after being an accomplished business man I by a twist of fate received a proposal from the head of patent and licensing service of KAMAZ corporation about patenting my inventions. Why not? I registered my rights for blinds of my own design and then on and on: bilateral screen for business negotiations, vacuum toothpick… I have already patented my fumigator for beekeepers in Germany… And in 2007 I received an award “Valedictorian of innovation and rationalization of the Republic of Tatarstan”.
It is not too difficult to attain acknowledgement of your achievements if they are worthy of it – you only need to be confident in yourself. And self-esteem develops from respect of like-minded people, didn’t you notice? For this purpose it is necessary to communicate, share opinions and ideas, dispute. I am ready to render help with patent acquisition to authors of the most successful ideas and suggestions.

You can get acquainted with my technical decisions on the page - My inventions, and it will be my pleasure to answer any questions and personal messages – you can send them to me trough contacts page.